Key Features

Stone paper is not only and alternative, but the BEST product that has the lowest impact on our green planet.  

Manufacturing Benefits

  • No Air Pollution

  • No Waste Release

  • No Water Pollution

  • No Wood Pulp

  • Conservation of Energy

  • Preservation of Ecosystem

  • Reduction of Production Cost

Consumer Benefits

  • Water Proof

  • Tear Resistant

  • Fire Resistant

  • Recyclable

  • Photodegradable

  • Durable

  • Insect Proof

  • Competitively Priced

  • Does Not Yellow or Curl

  • C2C Certified!!

Producing one ton of stone paper compared with one ton of traditional paper

No Wood Pulp

In order to produce a metric ton of traditional wood pulp papers, an average of four metric tons of wood chips is utilized, which is the equivalent of felling approximately 23 large trees. Even so, this is merely the start of a long list of environmental costs of using traditional wood pulp paper.

Of the trees harvested globally for industrial uses, nearly half goes to pulp and paper production and, the demand for wood pulp remains insatiable. In light of the continuing trends, it has been estimated that only 5% of all tropical forests will remain by mid-century to the detriment of biodiversity. Even at the present, less than 20% of the world's original forest cover remains intact, and much of what does remain is already threatened by commercial logging.

Although about 30% of the world's wood pulp supply now comes from tree farms, by and large forest-harvested timber still dominates supply. In truth, even if artificial tree plantations have taken some pressure off deforestation, tree farms host about 90% fewer animal species than the natural forests that preceded them. Indeed, 1/3 of the world's biodiversity has been irrevocably lost since 1970.

That the continual reliance on traditional wood pulp papers is environmentally unsustainable is not news. Clearly, the environment needs our help and Made of Stone has and will continue to take proactive steps to ensure environmental protection by continuing to produce eco-friendly paper.

No Water Pollution

 A key motivation to the design of Made of Stone ingenious waterless papermaking technology comes from the passion Made of Stone has towards protecting the environment. Unlike traditional papermaking methods, Made of Stone papermaking methods does not require copious amounts of precious water to rid of the acid, alkali and bleaching agents which are used extensively in traditional paper manufacturing process. By taking measures to not involve water in the papermaking process, Made of Stone has taken a significant step in its mission to be Eco-Friendly.

No Air Pollution

Made of Stone papermaking processes does not emit toxic gas. As prevention is better than solution, designing a production process to prevent discharge of toxic gas in the first place is clearly the more efficient and effective method than having to manage the toxic gas later. We should not be denied of quality air, Made of Stone not only understand but has also taken active steps to ensure toxic gas are not emitted by its papermaking technology.

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